When the kingdom of Galatia is attacked, and its Oracle is kidnapped, a group of warriors band together to restore order to the kingdom!

    Prologue - The Attack


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    Prologue - The Attack Empty Prologue - The Attack

    Post by Van on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:54 pm

    Galatia, once beautiful and regarded as, "The Kingdom of the Heavens", has recently been attacked! During the Tourney of Champions, a tournament held whenever one of the Oracle's guardians dies, the kingdom was raided by an unknown force! To add onto the quandary, at the same time an assassination had been planned to remove the noble king, Gailen, from power. The city is in ruin and destruction, and Palidos killed. Total chaos has engulfed the kingdom that oversaw all of Paleides. Not one soul knows who raided Galatia and kidnapped the Oracle, nor do they know who ordered the assassination. Which brings us to the beginning of our story, where participants of the tournament take on the task of finding the beloved Oracle and returning her to the kingdom...

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