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    Magic Divination


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    Magic Divination

    Post by Vante on Fri May 05, 2017 4:54 am

    To determine one's magic affinity a process call "magic divination" is performed. There are currently two methods to this.

    Five priests are gathered. A person is put in a water filled cauldron. The priests will circle around and pour magic into the channels that connect to the cauldron. Depending on the reaction of the water determines that person's affinity. If the water bubbles you are an elementalist. If the water evaporates you are a twilight (this power is exclusive to twilight phantoms so no human would have this ability). If the water darkens you have dark magic. If the water overflows you have buff/debuff magic. If the water turns white then you have light magic. If the water begins to whirlpool you have void magic. If the water begins to engulf around you, you have mental magic. If the water is sweet, you have arcane magic.

    As for those that aren't able to enter a Council, they go through the process known as the "blood oath." An orichalcos rune circle is formed and one steps inside. The will cut themselves enough to drop blood over the runes. This could take an average 10-15 minutes maybe even longer. There is no sure fire way to say you have magic because the process of bleeding won't stop until you patch yourself up. Also the fact that the runes will not react immediately. Some people have to wait only a few minutes while others wait for 30. By the time some get their magic divination they are already on the verge of bleeding out or are already dead. Making this an unsafe practice. Depending on the color the runes glow will determine your magic affinity. An elemental magic user with have a rainbow like glow. Grey would be the color for twilight. Black for dark magic. White for light magic. Blue for buff/debuff. Gold for void. Orange for mental and purple for arcane.

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