Tale of Fantasia

When the kingdom of Galatia is attacked, and its Oracle is kidnapped, a group of warriors band together to restore order to the kingdom!

    "Virgil" Profile


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    "Virgil" Profile

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    Basic Information

    Age: 20
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 167lbs
    Race: Human

    Appearance: The young man a mocha skin complexion has hazel eyes. He has a very lean built due to the amount of training his body had endured during the past 4 years since the "Massacre of Ovale." He has short spiky white hair and sports two small hoop earrings. Almost always looks very nonchalant in the face with his eyes low. His left arm is wrapped in bandages underneath, with cloth a talisman of the holy church on it. Meaning the power in his left arm is sealed.

    Virgil wears a black fitted undershirt. As an over shirt, he wears a light grey long sleeve shirt from Galatia. The light grey long sleeve over shirt has only one kimono like sleeve, to the side of the demon arm he possesses. While his opposite side reveals his other human arm and his chest. He also wears a black scarf that runs halfway down his back. He wears black cargo shorts that are at the knees. The shoes he wears are black all over with red trim.

    Personality: Despite the horrific past Virgil has gone through, he still manages to keep an upbeat attitude. Even more so he is nonchalant towards most things. He is a kindred sport ready to help those in need. When it comes down to his friends, he is very playful. There will be times he plays pranks on them but not just for giggles, it's to calm the nerves of those around him. In that respect he has gained the title of leader amongst the surviving members of his village. They have come to rely on his strength and judgement and have managed to take down powerful demons. Equally with his confidence in his friends, he feels as though they can never lose and will one day avenge their village.

    Registry Information

    Class: Traveling Musician
    Alliance: Ovale Village Survivors

    Residence: N/A


    Weapons: A bow that was forged from the fangs of a behemoth. Incredibly sturdy, the Hissatsu can also be used as a blunt weapon. Through Vigirl's skill as an archer as well as the fine grade creation of this particular bow, he named it the "Sure-Kill" bow Hissatsu.

    Fenrir - A katana created by Ginnungagap himself! He had used his own bones along with the rare ore Dark Matter to forge this blade. The blade has a sleek black look to it because of the dark matter. With sharpness that will never dull, this blade can cut through diamond. Ginnungagap, being a magical deity had bestowed a trait onto his sword that would eventually take his life. With every ounce of his magic, the blade gained the power of the "void." This multi-deminsional space magic katana can send anything into the void. However, the cost of using this blade will ultimately take you're life. Virgil plans on using this blade on the demon that slaughtered his village as a last resort. To kept the power from escaping the sword, it's sheathe is made from the sacred tree Yggdrasil, as well as sealed through prayer from the Holy Council.

    Items: The instrument of choice, his grey ocarina. Aside from the purpose of making money, it's other use is to entertain his friends during their travels.

    Magic: Yes
    Affinity: Void

    Character Backstory

    Virgil had not always been a traveler. In fact, he would've probably stayed in his home village "Ovale" had it not been for the massacre of his village.

    He had been one of five surviving members. Virgil (15) and his two best friends Biggs (17) and Shinji (15) were out harvesting nearby boar, while the village was attacked but bandits. Ovale had been known to incredible warriors amongst their ranks so normally a bandit raid was nothing more than child's play to them. However, there was something very off about these bandits. Aside from there abnormally brutish strength, every time they are presumably killed they would get back up. As the battle ragged on a rather beautiful woman had descended from the sky. She wore a very seductive robe that showed off her curves and more so her cleavage. She had long straight red had like that of blood. She wielded a staff that and an amythest stone at its crown. Along with her a human like creature was seen walking up behind her. From the distance is didn't seem like much but as it go closer and closer the human was no human. It was a demon! The sheer size of this demon made the average man look like a child. It stood at approximately 10 feet tall. The definition of it's muscles were unbelievable. It's hands were the size of a single adult sized person. It had hair covering its neck and partially it's upper chest. It's hind legs were completely covered in hair. This monstrosity had a skeletal like face with fangs longer than a sword. It's curved horns were all bloodied as if it rammed through something. Fortunately, the demon did not rampage around like the bandits. It's seemed weakened and required energy. The witch that came down had wielded her staff and ordered the bandits to round up the villagers in preparation for feeding the demon. It all made sense now these bandits were already killed. They have been brought to life due to the power of this female necromancer!

    Virgil, Biggs and Wedge had just come back from catching a boar each as they see that there is smoke coming up from their village. They drop the spoils and rush towards the village. Upon entering the village, the boys see the Chief of the village "Taliban" as well as the warriors of the village fighting off some bandits. With the adrenaline they had, without thinking they jump in to attack the bandits from the rear. They successfully take them down but the Chef yells at them to escape from here as quickly as they can. But the boys had been far too stubborn and wanted to recue their families first. The quickly move towards the village square while the chef tries to stop them but the bandits had just rerisened and stacked the chef and others. As the boys get to the square they witness the beast devouring their friends and family. Ripping there bodies apart limb from limb the beast had looked like it was enjoying his meal far to well. Biggs had thrown up at the sight of this while Shinji and Virgil couldn't look away. Shook with fear the boys had no idea what to do until the next victim was Virgil's mother. Without hesitation that fear quickly became rage and Virgil sprints off to stop the beast. Screaming at the top of his lungs he is telling the demon to stop but it carries on as if Virgil's voice didn't exist. His mother hearing his voice had looked up at Virgil with tears running down her face as the demon rips off one of her arms. She is screaming in pain while Virgil is charging toward them with tears in his eyes. The necromancer now sees the boys who were not captured and sends the bandits after them. Biggs and Shinji are surrounded while Virgil is quickly pinned down. He looks at his mother as she is yelling out to him. The beast turns her flat with her stomach up. Her final words before the beast eats at her stomach, "Live for us." At that moment Virgil has a quick flashback of about 8 months ago. Virgil's father had already been killed in a war but he left something for his wife and son. They were expecting a baby. Virgil would have been an older brother.

    Realizing the fact that he would never meet his younger brother or sister, Virgil puts his face into the ground screaming in pain. The demon was now playing with his mothers already torn body as if it was looking for something. Biggs and Shinji fight off their group of bandits and come to Virgil's aide. After freeing him Virgil in a blind rage charges at the demon. Shinji and Biggs try to stop him but it was too late. They decided to go after the villagers while the demon was distracted. Only able to free a magic user named Remi (14) they are intercepted by the bandits once again. Virgil picking up a nearby sword jumps in and pierces the beast. He is now continuously slashing at the demon but it was ineffective. The demon then knocks the sword away and throw a right hand at Virgil knocking him into a house outside the square. He blow from the demon was so powerful it knocked Virgil unconscious until he landed. As he is struggling To get up he notices in the corner a little girl and old man were there. The old man had been concentrating his magic so that he could perform the magic spell "teleport." The young girl was terribly frieghtened As the old man yells at the boy to get into the magic circle and they would be free. Virgil insists the old man wait a little longer because he had friends alive still. Rushing back to the square Biggs had been captured by the demon. Virgil panicked and doesn't know what to do. Shinji and Alea were frozen in fear. Just as the demon is about ready to rip Biggs apart, the village warriors come to their rescue. Biggs had been freed but couldn't move. The warriors are holding off the bandits and demon while the chef had told the children to leave immediately. This time they were ready to go. Virgil rushes over to pick Biggs up and leave but the bandits had swarmed the children again. Some villagers are protecting them while they are trying to escape. As they leave for the transportation circle, Chef Taliban says to them, "Avenge us." Finally the kids had gotten to the magic circle and is ready to leave. The old man is gathering the rest of his energy and is preparing to send the 6 of them off. Right before he could activate the transportation spell a spear pierces though his body. The old man falls to the ground and the demon had been seen in the distance charging at the children. In a fret the children have no idea what to do next except wait for death. In his final moments the old man tells the kids to "live" and sends them off with his remaining energy. Now they are gone far far away from this nightmare. Immediately the old man is snatched up from his head by the demon. The necromancer asks the old man where he sent the kids. His reply, "you won't have to look for them, they will find you." The necromancer smirks and walks away. The demon then squeezes the old mans head until it burst like a grape. The necromancer tells the demon that there was a survivor and it lept in front of the half dead man. Piercing his stomach the demon plays with the mans insides while the man was still conscious. The children ended up being transported into a forest. Without a moment to comprehend what just happened, they are captured by a group of mercenaries

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