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    Basic Information

    Age: 18 (Thousands of years old as a Twilight Phantom)
    Height: 6'0 ft
    Weight: 158 lbs
    Race: Human (Formerly a Twilight Phantom)

    Appearance: Van has an athletic build in his current human form. He has a fair skin complexion and white hair that hangs down to his shoulders. Although he has been transformed into a human, he still possesses some traits that are common in Twilight Phantoms. For one, there are black crackle-like runes on his forearm. Another trait is the yellow iris, with a slit pupil, in the right eye. Just staring into it and you'll be able to tell that Van isn't of human origin. The left eye, however, is green in color. His right eye is mostly covered by a black bandaging; same with his right arm.

    Van wears a sleeveless shirt, black in color, which he tucks into his pants. The pants are somewhat baggy, brown in color, and tucked into his black boots. Concealing his form is a worn out, ripped, hooded, red cloak. There's also an armor shoulder plate attached to a black strap that comes across his torso. His sword's sheath is attached to the strap. There's also a hip plate on his left side and shin plates.

    Personality: Van isn't the friendly type. Considering his origin as a Twilight Phantom, he deeply loathes humanity. Mainly because he witnessed terrors and the nature of humans. So he doesn't like to get himself into human affairs unless he'll benefit from the situation. He's very cold and has a serious demeanor.

    During battle he very calculating and observant. He isn't the one to attack first, but would rather analyze the situation at hand before making any moves. Van also uses mental attacks to try to get into the heads of his victims.

    Registry Information

    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Alliance: None

    Residence: Doku Outpost


    Weapons: "Devourer" - A double-edge blade that is made of a mysterious black ore. Some say that it not only cuts through flesh and bone, but can also "eat" through the magic network of those that possess magic. As a result, it disrupts the ability to use magic for some.

    "Entoron's Tooth" - A shortblade that Van uses for dual-wield action. Some say that he forged the blade from the hide of an earth dwelling beast named Entoron, whose hide was made of metallic minerals.


    1 x Scope - Just a device that allows him to see into far distances.

    Magic: Yes
    Affinity: Twilight (Darkness/Light)

    Character Backstory

    Van wasn't always a human. In the beginning he was a Twilight Phantom, inhabitants of the Realm of Twilight. They're monstrous beings that possess a powerful magic called Twilight. With it they can traverse different planes. These creatures would utilize the magic to enter the human realm, mainly to terrorize humans. But their main goal was to locate the mythical Fantasia. During a hunt, Vanitas, Van's true name, had come across a beautiful maiden. Never before had he seen such a human like her. No longer did he come to the realm of the humans to hunt for Fantasia, or cause mischief, but to watch this maiden at the same location. A lucious garden in the heart of a forest. As time went by he thought of something so outrageous, his kind would banish him they ever found out. To become a human and talk to this maiden.

    Vanitas in monstrous form sought out anything he could. Anything that could allow him to speak to her, without her cowering in fear because of what he was. He eventually came across a mage who was in the possession of powerful magic. The smallest essence of Fantasia itself. Vanitas confronted the mage and was denied many times until he decided to steal the essence himself. With just the smallest essence of Fantasia, he was able to transform himself into a human. But because of his theft, he would retain the Twilight runes and eye.

    Now a human, Vanitas had taken the name Van for short. He visited the same garden where he'd first met the maiden. But to his dismay she was with a man, her husband. Van was too late. Heartbroken, he took his leave. Little did he know that her husband was a member of a dark cult. A cult that was infamous for killing pregnant women and sacrifcing both woman and child to a being named Bael. As Van walked away from the garden he couldn't help but think of the maiden. He'd done all this for her! Even if she was with a man he'd tell her how he felt. Now human, his emotions were stronger than ever. He returned to the garden to find the maiden dead! Her stomach torn into. She had become another victim of these sick rituals and Van could only hold her lifeless body in his arms.

    A rage had overcome him that day. Although he had just become human, was able to love, had shown intense emotion, he felt like he was still the monster that he truly was. He felt like he was empty. Since then Van has been working as a bounty hunter. Still searching for that man he saw that day.....The man that took her life.

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