When the kingdom of Galatia is attacked, and its Oracle is kidnapped, a group of warriors band together to restore order to the kingdom!

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    Basic Information

    Age: 20
    Height: 5'8 ft
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Like Persephone, Stella is also a beautiful young woman. Some even say that she rivals Persephone in looks. She's slightly tan, but still a bit fair, in skin complexion. Her hair is a light purple and her eyes are also a light purple She wears her hair in two pigtails. Stella also wears a white colored dress that drops to her ankles, with white colored boots. On her right shoulder is the insignia for the Holy Council.

    Personality: Stella is very kind, much like the Oracle that she advises. At most times she's very conservative, and extremely humble. She tends to giggle at any kind of humor, even if it's very dry. Despite her position, she is very capable of holding her own in combat. However, initially, she'd choose to come to a comprimise rather than resort to fighting. She's been shown to be very calculating.

    Registry Information

    Class: Hand of the Oracle
    Alliance: Galatia

    Residence: Kingdom of Galatia


    Weapons: -

    Items: -

    Magic: Magic Energy Projection
    Affinity: (Rose Pink)

    Character Backstory

    History: Stella had grown up in Galatia, along with Persephone and Nir, her childhood friends. When Persephone was chosen to become the Oracle, she was appointed to be her advisor, due to her close relationship. They, however, wouldn't be able to hang around with Nir like they used to. This was a professional and serious position that she had untertaken. Throughout the years, she'd follow the Oracle around, attend her meetings with the Holy Council and even represent her in other kingdom affairs as an abassador.

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