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    Basic Information

    Age: ???
    Height: 2'3"
    Weight: 32lbs
    Race: Wolf

    Appearance: A mysterious small wolf pup with a dark brown and white coat. His face, ears back shoulders and tail are dark brown whole his underside including his legs, nose and mouth. He has a gold hoop earring in his left ear and a single gold bracelet with a chain around his left front foot. Also on his face has has white fur dots above his nose where the dark brown fur is.

    Personality: A very playful pup that is always looking to have some fun. He seems to be young because the amount of energy he exerts daily. Koji because very protective over Anna since he seems to take to her the most. Virgil is a close second. Although small Koji can hold his own.

    Registry Information

    Class: Pet
    Alliance: ??

    Residence: ??


    Weapons: N/A
    Items: None

    Magic: ??
    Affinity: ??

    Character Backstory

    Not much is known of Koji's origins but he was found by Virgil and Remi while they were out hunting for a quick dinner. Koji was attacked by a group of demons. He was backed into a corner when Virgil shot off an arrow to take down one of the demons. Preping for the next arrow the demons charged. Remi was right behind Virgil already chanting a spell. One by one Virgil would shoot them down but the demons numbers didn't seem like it diminished. As the demons got closer, Remi was able to finish her spell and struck down the demons in one fell swoop. Koji was frightened because of the traumatic experience but Virgil was able to reach out to him. Koji had become attached to Virgil rather quickly.

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