When the kingdom of Galatia is attacked, and its Oracle is kidnapped, a group of warriors band together to restore order to the kingdom!

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    Basic Information

    Age: 11
    Height: 4'3
    Weight: 63 lbs
    Race: Human

    Appearance: A very fragile and pale looking girl with bright green eyes. She has a butterfly bow in her hair in the back. The color of her hair is also light brown. She almost always has a blank sad look on her face. That is because of the horrific events she experienced throughout her childhood. As an undershirt she wears a skin tight black long sleeve. The over shirt she wears is yellow zip up hoody with short sleeves. The hoody extends down to her thighs a little above the knees. She does wear grey cargo shorts but that isn't very visable considering the size of her hoody. She wears brown boots with fur padded on the inside.

    Personality: Anna is very passive through her timid nature. When Shinji is overly aggressive she seems frightened up until  Remi comes to her aide. Even still she gets along with everyone. She learns toward Remi because Anna views Remi as an older sister. The two are always usually together.

    Registry Information

    Class: Traveler
    Alliance: Ovale Village Survivor

    Residence: N/A


    Weapons: Griamore of The Ancients
    Items: none

    Magic: Yes
    Affinity: Holy

    Character Backstory

    During the raid on her village, Anna had taken refuge with her grandfather. She is only 4 at the time so for her this was the scariest moment of her life. While staying frozen with fear Anna was very fidgety and frightened of any and everything. Just as her grandfather is finishing the spell, Virgil comes flying in. Anna and her grandfather where shocked to have there hiding discovered. Virgil pleaded for them to stay while he got his friends. He left but the old man wasn't waiting for that. Until Anna stopped him from completely the spell. He told her 10 minutes and then after that he would teleport her. Finally Virgil and his friends show up and just as the demon and necromancer came to attack. Luckily the spell went though and they escaped.

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