When the kingdom of Galatia is attacked, and its Oracle is kidnapped, a group of warriors band together to restore order to the kingdom!

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    Character Name


    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 128 lbs
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Remi has light but not pale skin and green eyes. Often has a smile on her face and wears her light brown medium length hair down. It covers over one eye while the rest lays on her shoulders and just above her shoulder blades. She also has a rather slim figure with an average bust.

    She wears dark brown skin tight leggings with boots running up to her knees. Sporting a purple all around skirt with a grey trim, she wears a brown and gold belt around it. Her shirt is low cut and shows a bit of cleavage. It a black skin tight shirt. Over her shirt she's wearing a very small purple shawl. The shawl only come just under her breasts.

    Personality: An easy going young girl. She had always been prominent when it comes to magic and became a master at a young age. She has a great deal of confidence as well as trust for her comrades. Remi has an extreme soft spot for younger children and is often seen caring for Anna. She will always make sure Anna is eating, sleeping and most of all is safe. Remi will defend her from Shiniji's rude remarks. By the way she dislikes overbearing and pushy men. Gets along great without everyone except her and Shinji will bicker frequently.

    Registry Information

    Class: Traveler, Teacher
    Alliance: Ovale Village Survivors

    Residence: N/A


    Weapons: Griamor of Spells, Silver staff

    Magic: Yes
    Affinity: Elemental

    Character Backstory

    As a master of the elemental magic at such a young age, Remi is able to teach the younger kids about magic control. She was just ending a training sessions as one of the children had spotted an injured man. He appeared to be seeking for help. One the little boys he was reaching after as if you was reaching out with his last breathe. However it wasn't a reach for help but instead for the boys throat. The man grabbed the boy by his throat and pulled him in with haste. And with his sword on his back he pulled it out and cut the boy in two . The kids were terrified and Remi was shook. The kids screaming now and Remi tells them to move away as she charged the man. Taking care of him rather quickly she turned towards the young boys severed body. The kids had yelled out to Remi to watch out because the assailant was not defeated he jumped right back at her. As she was defending herself she could see in the distance a stampede was heading for the village. Without a moments hesitation she told the kids to run away from here and to tell the village a raid was happening. She fends the what is now knkwn to be a bandit while the kids escape. The others had finally arrived just as back up was arriving. Now it's a war in the village. Everything seemed like it was going in favor of Ovale until the nightmare had shown. It was a female necromancer with demon chained down by her. She let it lose as it took care of the village warriors and destroyed everything in site. The bandits had round up the villagers Ronnie sacrificed to the demon. It sits down munching and gnawing at every person it picks up indescrimately. Virgil, Biggs and Shinji finally arrive only to be taken care of rather easily. Just was they were about to meet there end they were teleported away from the nightmare.

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